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Gary Ferstler: Power Lifter – ASEA Athlete

Back when he was in high school, Gary Ferstler began an athletic career that would last a lifetime. In the beginning, it was all about football. Then, when he went into the Navy and began power lifting to stay strong for football, he ended up competing.

He’s been with the sport ever since.

This elite power lifter, who has lived a healthy lifestyle his entire 55 years, has found a new secret to his health.

Here’s how it happened.

After finishing a competition last June, Gary was beginning a new training cycle. His only change was that he was now drinking ASEA. “I started looking at my training record and
saw significant poundage for where I was,” Gary marvels. “People in the gym were saying,
‘That’s an impressive set you just did.’” The kicker for Gary was when he did a back squat (where the point at the hip is lower than the point at knee). “You use reasonably light weight and do two to three reps,” he explains. “But I was doing double body weight—405 pounds—and sets of five. It was like I was 25 years old again.”

And he’s doing dead lifts with weight he was lifting back in his thirties.

“I’m pretty amazed by the product,” Gary says, even though at first he wasn’t completely
convinced. “For the first week and a half, I really wondered if it was doing anything for me. My level of health was so high, it didn’t kick in so fast. But as I continued to train, it was evident that something was going on in my body, affecting my ability to perform in the gym.” Now Gary says that even his energy level, which has always been high, has increased. “I can feel it. I can concentrate longer and go longer without a drop-off.”


ASEA Athlete Sets Ironman 70.3 Record!

Ironman 70.3 World Record HolderAt the beginning of 2010, James Lawrence had a goal: to break the world record of number of Half Ironman Triathlons (called “Ironman 70.3” in the athletic world) in one year. When he contacted the Guiness World Record folks, they informed him that the old record was 16, but that to be extra sure, they would only accept a new record of 20 or higher.

To understand what that means, consider this: an Ironman 70.3 consists of a 1.2-mile swim, followed by a 56-mile bike ride, followed by a 13.1-mile run. To complete 20 of these in a year would mean that James would have to finish one every two and a half weeks!

So did James break the old record and hit the magic number of 20? No! He actually completed 22 Ironman 70.3 races! And he did it in just 30 weeks, meaning he averaged one race every nine and a half days!

And what role did ASEA play in helping James shatter the old record? “ASEA was definitely instrumental in my recovery,” he says, “giving me every advantage I needed to break this record. I was scared to go off it while attempting this quest!”

James capped his amazing new record by competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida in November.

Redox Signaling – 3 Great Truths

Truth – We Live and Die at the Cellular Level

If our cells are healthy, then so are we, regardless of age. It can then be determined that the quality of life one experiences is in direct relation to the health of the individual cells of the body.

Truth – Redox Signaling is Foundational to Cellular Health

For many years now scientists have known and studied a specific group of molecules created inside the body and cells called Redox Signaling Molecules. However, for many years these molecules were considered unnecessary and a simple by-product of your cells producing energy. In the past 5 years or so scientists have determined that these Redox Signaling Molecules are much more than that. They are integral part of cellular health and without them the body would not be able to heal itself.

Truth – ASEA is the Worlds First and Only Redox Signaling Supplement

It begins with simple salt water – the solution that covers 70% of the earth’s surface and comprises 70% of our bodies. Asea takes this saline solution and passes it through a complex heavily patented process. With this discovery, the scientists behind ASEA achieved two of the greatest breakthroughs in health science. First, they created Redox Signaling Molecules OUTSIDE of the body, and second, they were able to stabilize these molecules in the same perfect balance as they are found in the human body and our cells. The result? ASEA is the first and only Redox Signaling supplemental product on earth. It is simply molecules in a bottle.

ASEA is poised to astonish the world of health and wellness, athletics, and science.

To view a more detailed presentation on how this science works with ASEA CLICK HERE

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