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Forget the Rumors, We’ll Stick to Facts

I started this blog as a way for people to get information about the advantages ASEA provides to athletes at any level, from elite professionals to weekend warriors.  I send people interested in learning more about ASEA and its benefits to this blog so they can inform themselves and decide if ASEA is something they’d like to try.  I also encourage other ASEA distributors to use it as an informational resource.

Last week I posted some information about a well known athlete in the collegiate ranks that was having a phenomenal year leading his team, conference, and the nation in several statistical categories.   I had heard from a credible source that this athlete was using ASEA.  I thought that was pretty cool and wondered how it was working.

What followed was very surprising and I have to admit a little humorous at first.  ASEA’s offices in Salt Lake City started receiving phone calls from fans upset and worried that the information printed in this blog might somehow have negative consequences for the athlete, his team, and the institution!  At first I thought that was a bit of an overreaction, but then as I thought about it I realized in the crazy world we live in today, where common sense isn’t very common, there is a possibility someone somewhere could pick this up and try to make a big deal out of it.  With the environment surrounding the sports world especially when it comes to any kind of dietary supplementation I thought it best to remove the post.

The last thing I want to be is a catalyst for unnecessary and unwarranted harassment for the athlete, team, or institution.  Not that I’m worried anything would come of it because I know, as does ASEA and every ASEA user, that ASEA does not contain any banned substance, it is not a drug, and the ingredients are distilled water and sodium chloride…not exactly conspiracy worthy material.

So forget I ever mentioned that a top collegiate athlete might be drinking ASEA and improving his/her performance by doing so.

But what if such an athlete is drinking the stuff and why would he/she?

For the same reason any athlete would use an allowable supplement under the rules of his or her sport; to gain an edge.

ASEA has shown consistently in testing and independent studies to improve the ventricular threshold or “runner’s wall” by an average of 12%. To put that in proper perspective, blood doping, a form of performance enhancement that is illegal, has been proven to push that threshold forward by a mere 2 to 4%.   Elite athletes will train vigorously for years to acquire a 2 to 4% increase in VT.  This incredible discovery by ASEA and the implications of these tests for overall athletic performance in all areas of sport is propelling the ASEA drink to the front of public consciousness and the world of sports and athletic competition.

Current and former athletes at the amateur and professional levels are using the product daily for not only its ability to enhance performance on the playing field, but for the significant impact it has on recovery after high levels of physical exertion. Athletes like Sinjin Smith, former USA Olympic Volleyball player and gold medalist, Tim Leary, former starting pitcher for the LA Dodgers and world series winner, Jonathan Hollar (Triathlete), Alli Bills (Division 1 Basketball Coach), Fahu Tahi (Minnesota Vikings), Terry Chiplin (Altitude Athlete) and Chris Hayes (Green Bay Packers – ‘96 Superbowl), and other professional and amateur athletes are finding they can’t go without this product or suffer being at a disadvantage to those who are using it.

ASEA is performance enhancement that is legal, ethical, and healthy.

There’s not another product in the world that can make these claims and back it up with hard science. ASEA can.

Click Here to see the VO2max testing results for ASEA

Click Here to see a report on ASEA and athletic drug testing

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ASEA Athlete ~ Jonathan Hollar

My name is Jonathan Hollar. I am from Orlando Florida. I am an endurance Athlete.

An Olympic Duathalon is usually 6.2 mile run, a 25 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run. I before was doing that in around two hours and forty minutes, now with ASEA I have done that in 2:08.

I am able now to bike faster than ever. I have made up 10-15 minutes on the bike. If I am going to run I am now down to 5:35 pace in the miles. It is just unbelievable.

My last experience in triathlon last season I did 8-10 triathlons over the whole season. That is all I have ever done in my whole life. 92 to 93% of my max heart rate is all I had in me in a triathlon. Now I am noticing in training I am coming home my heart rate monitor is telling me that 101% was reached, 106% sometimes!

In a race now I bring my heart rate up to 98% and I hold it the hold race. I can hold that for 3-4 hours now.

A few weeks into taking ASEA I noticed that I would do a workout and usually I would be done. Now I am doing workout and I am getting back my legs at 10pm and doing a workout instead of going to sleep.

I am actually recovering a lot faster. I am working out two maybe even three times a day, six days a week. My Performance is through the roof. I am able to train harder, longer and faster because of ASEA.

ASEA Athlete ~ Tim Leary

My name is Tim Leary, I grew up here in Santa Monica, California, Played pro baseball for 15 years, 13 years in the Major Leagues as a Right Hand Pitcher. Mostly as a starting pitcher. Won a World Series with the Dodgers in 1998.

Sinjin Smith talked to me about ASEA. I started using it, usually about twice per day. Early on I noticed when I went to work out at the YMCA and I rode the bike for a little longer than normal. I was feeling great, training harder than I had been. I wasn’t thinking about ASEA at the time, but when I came home I was like, well it could be.

Now within the last month I have noticed quite a nice recovery in my body. My flexibility has improved, my endurance has improved. I take ASEA two or three times per day now and I can physically feel the differences. It’s great!

If you could just drink four ounces of a product two or three times per day and feel better why wouldn’t you do it? So I’m on it. I have tried everything else, and this seems to be the X factor of helping me stay limber. I think I can challenge my body and be excited about staying physically active as I age.

Do You Really Know How Antioxidants Work?

Do a Google search on “How antioxidants work” and you’ll get a ton of informative (and not so) articles explaining how antioxidants work, ranging from WebMD and to Kelloggs (the cereal company).

They all give commonly known and accepted information about antioxidants; why they are needed, how you get them into your body, and what they do once they’re in there.  It’s all good stuff and definitely information worth knowing and using, but it’s incomplete.

The relatively new and emerging science of Redox Signaling is showing us there is much more to the antioxidant story than is being told in articles like this one at and I believe what isn’t being told is the most crucial if we are to fully understand the role antioxidants play and how our body must activate them before they can be effective.

The book, The Science of Healing Revealed: New Insights into Redox Signaling by Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, PhD, which we reviewed on this blog,  it reveals a common misconception amongst the public.  That is, oxidants are evil and must be destroyed.  Even the word anti-oxidant, would lead the untrained observer to label oxidants as the bad guys to be eliminated at all costs.

Not so fast!

Oxidants are actually part of the immune system’s arsenal.  Oxidants are the ammunition the body uses to destroy all types of organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and damaged and diseased cells.  Oxidants play an essential messenger role to help signal the immune system when problems are brewing and need to be attended to.  In fact we would not be able to LIVE without reactive oxidants in our cells.

There is one critical element that must be in place for Oxidants to have any “positive” effect on the body however.


For every Oxidant in the body there needs to be a corresponding Reductant.  Oxidants and Reductants are really classified as Electron donors and Electron Acceptors and both must be present and in the proper balance.  An imbalance of either one would result in harm to the cells and mechanisms of the body.

This is where the antioxidant comes in.  Oxidants and reductants rely on antioxidants to perform their role in the healing process and vise versa.

OK. That was probably more sci-ency than I wanted to get, but the point that needs to be made here is antioxidants can’t do anything without these reactive molecules or redox messengers in play.

Here is a simple but very effective analogy that paints a very clear picture.  Think of an antioxidant as a light bulb and reactive molecules as electrical current.

If you have a house full of light bulbs but no current running to the house how effective are those light bulbs in providing light for the house when its dark and you can’t see?  They are perfectly good bulbs, but they can’t provide any light without that electrical current running through them.

So it is with antioxidants.  They require reactive molecules/redox messengers to “turn them on”.  Antioxidants alone can do nothing to help the body deal with problems in the cells.

Until just recently you had to depend on your body’s ability to produced these molecules, and enough of them, to allow the antioxidants to do their job effectively.

If oxidative stress becomes to great in the cell due to an imbalance of reactive molecules the cell becomes sick, which, if not handled by the body, can lead to more sick cells and eventually disease and the complications that come with it.  The problem that everyone eventually deals with is aging and the body’s dwindling ability to produce enough of these molecules and other important antioxidants like Glutathione to do the job the same way it did when we were teens and youthful adults.

Due to a recent scientific breakthrough that problem is no longer a problem.  We no longer must solely depend on our bodies to produce adequate amounts of these essential molecular messengers.

ASEA is a solution identical in every way to the solution in your cells which is full of these reactive molecules.

The body is in a constant state of healing itself or in other words repairing and replacing its cells.  ASEA allows us to introduce to the body and the cells, by the trillions, these reactive molecules which in turn gives the body the ability to turn on more antioxidants, more effectively handle cell damage, and more efficiently use the antioxidants it creates and that we give it through eating good wholesome foods.

It’s pretty easy to draw a conclusion as to how big this discovery and the stabilization of these molecules in a solution we can drink is to our overall health and wellness.

Continued study and research bring more and more positive benefits to light, concerning anti-aging, athletic performance, and helping our bodies do what they do better and longer than before.

I personally believe, and this is simply my opinion, that we will see seemingly miraculous changes in people’s overall health, the way they age, and their ability to ward off issues that today are largely treated symptomatically, directly attributed to this science and this discovery.

ASEA Associate Climbs Everest

Many ASEA Associates look for adventure in life, but perhaps one of the most adventurous is Director Laurie Bagley. Laurie was a member of a top ten world-class adventure racing team for years until she took a break to successfully scale Mt. Everest!

Now Laurie has taken the lessons she learned in preparing for, training for, and successfully conquering the highest mountain in the world and put them in a book:* Summit! One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You to Success.

As Laurie says, “Success is deliberate. My book offers a step-by-step formula designed to help people attain whatever level of success they are looking for in building a business.

Laurie Bagley has been taking ASEA for nearly a year and has experienced amazing results. Her amazing experience climbing Everest is sure to be a motivator for anyone who reads it. Here is a summary of Laurie’s book:

Laurie Bagley has faced and overcome numerous challenges in finding success. In her book, she points out that with every big vision there will also be adversity.

Through attaining her many accomplishments, she learned the importance of managing her time, energy, and resources in working toward her goals. One doesn’t just climb Mount Everest without putting in the effort it takes to make success deliberate rather than coincidental.

The same can be said of building your ASEA business. While “keeping your eye on the prize” is important, Laurie stresses seeing and enjoying the entire process it takes to get there. This inspiring book will help you set and meet your goals, drawing from Laurie’s powerful perspective for actualizing great endeavors.

Laurie says, “ASEA will be a part of my health and wellness program for life. I recover from workouts faster and more fully. And as a fitness coach, I absolutely recommend ASEA to my clients!”

*The AseaPowerSport blog is not compensated in any way from the proceeds of this book.

International Olympic Committee Surprise; Food Supplements can Enhance Athletic Performance.

Food supplements can boost athletic performance, according to new advice from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that marks an about face from earlier positions.

The Swiss organisation said, “a very small number may enhance performance for some athletes” but did not go into specifics about what those supplements might be. Earlier advice from the IOC had warned athletes off food supplements as groups like the US Anti-Doping Agency do.

It said supplements must be, “used in accordance with current evidence under the guidance of a well-informed professional.”

“Athletes contemplating the use of supplements and sports foods should consider their efficacy, their cost, the risk to health and performance, and the potential for a positive doping test. Supplement use in young athletes should be discouraged, and the focus should be on consuming a nutrient-rich, well-chosen diet to allow for growth while maintaining a healthy body composition.”

The Olympic body added that supplementation does not compensate for, “poor food choices and an inadequate diet”.

“…but supplements that provide essential nutrients may be a short-term option when food intake or food choices are restricted due to travel or other factors.”

Read more on the IOC’s recommendations here.

ASEA is putting its product through rigorous testing and research to prove it has a tremendous impact on performance for athletes. Studies to date show the redox signaling molecules in ASEA are able power up aerobic performance.

As the energy requirements of the cells and tissues increase during aerobic activity, oxygen and sugars in the blood must be able to be transferred from the lungs and energy stores into the muscle cells and tissues. Waste products like CO2 and excess lactates must be transferred out of the cells and tissues and back into the blood and out of the body. The efficiency at which the cells can move oxgen fuel and waste products back and forth through the blood and cellular membranes determines how long the body can sustain aerobic activity. When the oxygen and energy demands of the muscle tissues exceed the ability of the body to maintain adequate delivery, the muscle cells and tissues start to burn internal energy stores anaerobically (without the use of oxygen), waste products (CO2 and lactates) start to build up and further interfere with the aerobic processes. When the internal energy stores of the muscle cells are exhausted, no more energy can be provided and muscle activity ceases completely.

Increasing the amount of balanced redox signaling molecules in the body helps normalize the redox potential in and around the cells and tissues. A balanced redox potential in the tissues increases the efficiency at which oxygen, fuels and wastes can be transferred in and out of cells and tissues, making the natural aerobic processes more efficient. If aerobic capacities are increased, then the natural length of time that aerobic activity can be sustained under high energy demands is also increased. The time that it takes to recover normal aerobic balance after an intense anaerobic effort is also shortened.

See the Report for ASEA on VO2max Athletic Endurance Enhancement Training

See the Report on ASEA Athletic Drug Testing – Cleared by US Anti-Doping Agency for Athletics.

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