Athletic Performance Enhancement that is Legal, Ethical, and Healthy.

ASEA Athlete ~ Tim Leary

My name is Tim Leary, I grew up here in Santa Monica, California, Played pro baseball for 15 years, 13 years in the Major Leagues as a Right Hand Pitcher. Mostly as a starting pitcher. Won a World Series with the Dodgers in 1998.

Sinjin Smith talked to me about ASEA. I started using it, usually about twice per day. Early on I noticed when I went to work out at the YMCA and I rode the bike for a little longer than normal. I was feeling great, training harder than I had been. I wasn’t thinking about ASEA at the time, but when I came home I was like, well it could be.

Now within the last month I have noticed quite a nice recovery in my body. My flexibility has improved, my endurance has improved. I take ASEA two or three times per day now and I can physically feel the differences. It’s great!

If you could just drink four ounces of a product two or three times per day and feel better why wouldn’t you do it? So I’m on it. I have tried everything else, and this seems to be the X factor of helping me stay limber. I think I can challenge my body and be excited about staying physically active as I age.


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