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Monthly Archives: March 2011

ASEA Athlete: Sinjin Smith

Former Gold Medal Volleyball player Sinjin Smith uses Asea daily for optimal performance, physical recovery after workouts, and overall health and wellness.

My name is Sinjin Smith I am a Beach Volleyball World Champion and Olympian and commentator now. I run camps and clinics for kids up and down the California coast and all over the country. I really have not been able to get away from the sport of beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball you know is a very difficult sport. You are out here trying to move around in the sand, which is not very forgiving. Well it is to some degree because if you fall your not going to get hurt but trying to go anywhere is very difficult trying to jump is very difficult. You are covering a large course, a course that six people would cover indoors. The sport of beach volleyball can be a very very difficult sport.

I have been searching my whole career, 25 years, for a product that would help me perform. That was obviously legal as well because I was playing internationally and I have played in the Olympic games. This was something that I was very skeptical about. So I said ok I want to try this and see how it affects me. If they tests they have already done are so successful what would happen if I tested on myself? Even though I am not the athlete that I was 10, 15, 20 years ago. Still I know what it is like when I push myself today and how it feels.

So I ran the stairs up in the canyon. I know I can do a certain number of times and I know the way I feel afterwards. So I did it, then I ran a few more. I felt pretty good. So I said ok, if I feel that good I am going to push myself even harder and see how things go. I ran a few more sets and I come down and normally my legs are shaking and they weren’t shaking. I thought well that’s odd, I will just wait until tomorrow because the next day I can barely walk, normally when I do that kind of a workout.

The next day I felt pretty good. I wasn’t limping around when I walked, I was feeling pretty darn good. That’s when I knew this product is very special. The claims they have been making and the tests they have doing were real!

So ever since then I have been telling all my friends and athletes and people about the product because I have never seen anything like it. I want to be able to do things as closely as the way I used to do them years ago. The only way I have been able to do that is through this product.

It has allowed me to train harder, recover better and have better overall health. So even though my career is long over I still receive these benefits.

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