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ASEA Advantages to Athletes Getting Media Attention

Television, radio, and print media is taking notice of the results high profile and elite athletes are getting using ASEA as a daily supplement to their training and performance routines.

A recent media tour by Rich Roll, named one of the worlds fittest men by Men’s Fitness magazine, sparked the media interest. Below is a montage of the recent media coverage.

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New Sports Findings: ASEA Increases Athletic Endurance, Ventilatory Threshold and VO2 Max

PRESS RELEASE  –  July 2011

ASEA, LLC announces new groundbreaking findings of a study showing increased power output and endurance among competitive athletes.

ASEA, with its Redox Signaling technology, is a powerful new drink that helps both competitive and recreational athletes step up their game to new levels of performance.

Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D., a leading Redox Signaling scientist, conducted a clinical trial exploring ASEA’s effects on athletic endurance. Dr. Samuelson tested athletic endurance, time to ventilatory threshold and the VO2 max rate of 17 competitive athletes over a period of weeks. The athletes drank ASEA daily and their levels were closely monitored.

The group averaged a 12 percent increase in their time to ventilatory threshold, meaning they were able to expend energy and effort 12 percent longer before they hit the runner’s wall.

The results of Dr. Samuelson’s trial also concluded, “Based on the data, about 70 percent of athletes who try ASEA should experience the ability to maintain a higher power output without crossing the ventilatory threshold… allowing them to go longer at the same power burn or to operate at a higher power burn than possible before drinking ASEA.”

Several athletes also experienced an increase in power output and endurance of more than 30 percent. Lower average heart rates and less soreness and fatigue were also reported.

Redox Signaling & Perfectly Balanced Sets of Reactive Molecules

ASEA, the original and only Redox Signaling product available today, provides the body with two perfectly balanced sets of reactive molecules – the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of the body. These vitally important molecules support the production of the ATP energy that fuels our cells, help activate antioxidants, minimize cellular damage, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response – all functions critical to athletic performance, endurance and recovery.

Redox Signaling is a burgeoning scientific field on a global scale with an impressive array of recent research advances. Only recently have ASEA scientists been able to produce stable mixtures of these Redox Signaling molecules outside living cells.

Athletic Reviews: Increased Performance, Endurance & Recovery

ASEA has been reviewed by Road Bike Action Magazine, which conducted a three-month trial of the product.

“We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals,” says R. Cunningham, technical editor for Road Bike Action Magazine. “ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery times after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time,” says Cunningham.

“Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. In addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic,” concluded Cunningham.

Jonathan Hollar, an Ironman triathlete who added ASEA to his training regimen before a major Olympic duathlon race, said, “The last time I completed an Olympic duathlon my finish time was 2:55:00. That day it was 2:08:55! I came in second place overall. In previous races I never broke the top 100! I recommend ASEA to every person I meet!”

James Lawrence, Ironman athlete, attributes ASEA to helping him break the world record of completing the highest number of Half Ironman Triathalons (Ironman 70.3s) in one year. When he contacted Guinness World Records, they informed him that the old record was 16, but that they would only accept a new record of 20 or higher.

An Ironman 70.3 consists of a 1.2-mile swim, followed by a 56-mile bike ride, followed by a 13.1-mile run. To complete 20 of these in one year, Lawrence would need to finish an Ironman 70.3 every two weeks.

In just 30 weeks, averaging one race every 9-10 days, Lawrence broke the world record, completing 22 Ironman 70.3 races.

“ASEA was definitely instrumental in my recovery,” he says. “It gave me every advantage that I needed to break this record. I was scared to stop drinking ASEA while attempting this quest!”

“When I was introduced to ASEA, I dismissed the claims,” Lawrence says. “I went to a sports clinic and was tested and then went on the product for six weeks. I returned and did the same test. I was able to run faster on a steeper incline with a lower heart rate. ASEA increased my body’s natural ability to process oxygen, allowing me to get as close as possible to my maximum VO2 rate.”

“Clinical data doesn’t lie,” said Lawrence. “I knew that ASEA was something that I had to have to help me accomplish my goals. ASEA helps me to recover quickly and train more on short weeks before events. With this product I get back on my feet and go out and kill it again. I wouldn’t want to be without ASEA. I think my performance would drop and I would be risking injury.”

Anthony Galvin, professional cyclist and current California Masters State Criterium Champion – “One of the things about criterium racing that makes it unique is that it demands that you put out an extremely hard anaerobic effort and then recover and do it again and again. Three weeks prior to a race I had a horrible crash that put me in bed and I couldn’t do anything. I started taking ASEA twice a day and that was all I could do leading up to the race. I won the race for the fourth year in a row. ASEA is a key part of my protocol moving forward,” says Galvin.

Josh Horowitz, Cyclist – “On June 6, 2010 I hit the pavement with 20 years of training behind me and ASEA fueling my body to participate in the 156-mile Philadelphia International Championship Bike Race.” Josh drank ASEA in the weeks prior to the event. “It was literally the best day I have ever had on the bike.”

Once Horowitz saw that ASEA gave him a competitive advantage, he wanted to share the product with his cycling team.

“In the cycling world there are different supplements being pushed on you all the time, so I was met with a lot of skepticism,” said Horowitz. “After some coaxing, my Wonderful Pistachios team started drinking ASEA and experiencing its athletic benefits.”

In February 2010, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) reviewed ASEA and declared the product a legal substance that cyclists may use in all UCI events. The UCI is a Switzerland-based cycling organization that oversees rules, regulations and drug testing for cycling events around the world.

First-Rate Recovery

In addition to improved athletic endurance, ASEA is giving athletes a competitive advantage in recovery. In many sports, the post-workout recovery process is just as important as the before-the-finish-line moments.

“Cycling is all about workout recovery,” Horowitz says. “Some of the big races we compete in are spread out across six days, and the body’s ability to recover and recharge for the next day is critical. The failure to properly recover after just one day will stay with you, and can ruin the whole race.”

Recovery is essential in order for the body to repair and rebuild muscles, replenish energy stores, replace fluids and avoid injury. Both competitive and recreational athletes have reported that drinking ASEA in the hours and days after a strenuous workout or event can boost the speed and quality of their recovery.

The Product

ASEA is sold in a 32-ounce bottle and an eight-ounce flexible pouch made from environmentally friendly materials. The 32-ounce bottle is made from a durable plastic. The eight-ounce flexible pouch fits easily into a backpack, pocket or in athletic gear. Both packages were created from input from competitive athletes and everyday ASEA consumers. The eight-ounce pouch includes a one-way valve to keep the pouch contents clean and pure.

ASEA can be purchased through ASEA’s wide network of independent associates.

Reasons Athletes Should Drink ASEA

1) Scientifically Supported – ASEA is based on more than 16 years of foundational research, making it a safe and natural way to help your body function as it should.

2) First and Only – ASEA is the first and only stable blend of the same Redox Signaling molecules that the human body makes every second of every day.

3) Boost Energy – By supporting overall cellular health, ASEA can enhance the metabolic processes that produce energy for the body.

4) Superior Antioxidant Protection – ASEA can help accelerate the production of the body’s own antioxidants, including glutathione and SOD. It can also increase the effectiveness of these antioxidants by more than 500%.

5) Optimal Immune Support – ASEA supports immune system activities that reduce oxidative stress and repair damaged cells.

6) Athletes Approve – Hundreds of athletes have reported that ASEA has a wide array of benefits – shortened recovery times, more energy, less soreness, increased time to ventilatory threshold and endurance, and overall better performance.

**** Athletic results and performance may vary.

**** Dr. Samuelson’s Recommendations for ASEA Athletes: Drink 4-8 ounces of ASEA on an empty stomach 20 minutes before exercise. For enhanced recovery, drink 4 ounces of ASEA in the hours immediately following a tough workout.

**** The VO2 max rate, also known as maximal oxygen consumption, is a measurement of the amount of oxygen the body uses during exercise. It is measured by milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. The higher a person’s VO2 max rate, the hard and longer they are able to exercise. Reaching the body’s maximum VO2 rate is extremely important for competitive athletes – specifically cyclist and skiers – who are known to have some of the highest VO2 max rates ever recorded. At high levels of athletic competition, a small increase in ventilatory threshold (ventilatory threshold is the endurance or the time it takes to hit the runner’s wall) can mean the difference between first and second place. ASEA’s clinical trials and testimonials of top athletes are proving that drinking ASEA can assist high-performance athletes in reaching their best VO2 max rate.

ASEA Reviewed by Inside Lacrosse Magazine

ASEA has been getting noticed by the sports world and athletes from all sports for its ability to enhance endurance, performance, and recovery.  It’s been reviewed by Road Bike Action Magazine and and now another prominent national publication is giving good marks to ASEA.

John Jiloty and Ryan Rabidou of Inside Lacrosse Magazine reviewed ASEA in their May issue. And no big surprise, they had some truly awesome things to say! Their review is based on taste, delivery, and performance.

“I have become strangely addicted to it. People around the office give me a hard time when I break out my ASEA spray bottle before an intense editorial meeting.” – Ryan Rabidou

And we know what he’s talking about! ASEA is helping people be their best selves no matter what activity they are performing. It’s no secret that ASEA is a super shield when it comes to athletics.

“Post workout is where ASEA shines. I was rarely sore the next day after taking it (soccer, running, weight training), when I normally would have been. Definitely effective for muscle recovery.” – John Jiloty

“The next day I didn’t feel nearly as sore, especially after climbing.” – Ryan Rabidou

ASEA is really getting out there and everyone is starting to take notice! In fact, in a conversation earlier this week with the editor of another fitness magazine, Bruce Call, VP Marketing & Events, was told that there are athletes from many different arenas that are catching the ASEA buzz and spreading the word! ASEA is a truly unique product and it is doing powerful things.

ASEA Athlete ~ Antony Galvan

My name is Antony Galvan I am the current California masters state criterium champion.

There is a really big race that happens every year at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix. I have won it the last three years in a row. This year I was going after number four. I was very pumped for it. About three weeks prior I was doing a race on the other side of the country and had a horrible crash. It put me in bed, I got a bad infection, I was on antibiotics, I couldn’t do anything.

Antony Galvin at the finish

The last week of those three weeks of doing nothing a friend turned me onto ASEA. I started taking it twice a day. That was the only thing I did, I didn’t ride my bike…Nothing! I came out and I won for the fourth year in a row. The biggest race of the year.

One of the things that makes criterium racing unique in cycling is that it demands that you be able to put out an extremely hard anaerobic effort, then recover almost immediately! Then do it again and do it again and again. Its not like a marathon where you just go go go endurance.

That’s the first kind of fitness that you loose when you take time off. It’s the one that you really have to work hard to maintain constantly staying on top of it. So to sit on my back, to lay on my back for three weeks not doing anything. Days are ticking off, I’m seeing there is a counter there is my race. I missed two weekends of racing being back here that would have used as my prep. Everything is going out the window and I am just like “I am not going to be able to pull this off” Then to come within three days before the race I got on my bike. I got on my bike three days! The only thing I had done for a week prior was take ASEA. That was my training.

I couldn’t have found it at a better time, I am five week out from nationals and I am going to Portugal for Worlds. There is some big stuff coming up and this is absolutely going to be part of my protocol.

It’s like the blind test, I did nothing except take that and I won. So imagine when I start doing something and taking that. I am very excited for the races to come.

ASEA Athlete ~ Josh Horowitz

Josh Horowitz is a professional cyclist and coach.  Josh uses ASEA to gain a competitive edge and has seen substantial results in his personal training and improvements in his race times.

Here is the transcript of the video viewed above.

“My name is Josh Horowitz I am the director of the Adageo Energy pro cycling team I am also a racer on the team and I am a coach.

Bike racing is a tough sport. Sometimes you train 25, 30, even 35 hours a week. Races can last two, three, four days even a week. If you can come back stronger each day instead of getting more and more fatigued it is going to be a big part of your ability to succeed in the sport. ASEA has become a big part of that for me. I have found that I can train back to back days and do races multiple days in a row and still feel strong and even actually feel stronger from day to day.

I take my training very seriously. It is all very calculated, it is all very scheduled down to the minute. I notice with the ASEA, using my power meter which gives me a very objective quantification of how strong I am riding, I have noticed when I am on ASEA I can sustain my power outputs for much longer periods of time. I can do more intervals in a row without having to rest. When it comes to race day that’s really a lot of the success is due to the ability to maintain a strong power output all the way through the end of the race. At the end of the day when you cross the finish line that you have a little bit more left in the tank then the rest of the riders, that can be the difference between a top placing and a pack finish.

I use ASEA in my preparation for the Philadelphia international championships. Which was a big objective for me for my entire cycling career. I used it pretty regularly for about a month leading up to the race. I did some heavy training, and my training was the best training I think I have ever had in my 23 year cycling career.

When it came to race day I felt amazing! It was the longest race I have ever done 156 miles. I felt better as each lap went by. I noticed the other riders starting to fatigue I noticed the other riders were dropping out. When I got off the bike at the end I felt pretty much fresh and it was a pretty incredible feeling.”

See how other Athletes are using ASEA.

VO2max Testing: What it is and Why an Athlete Should Know.

VO2max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as “milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.”

This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Theoretically, the more oxygen you can use during high level exercise, the more ATP (energy) you can produce. This is often the case with elite endurance athletes who typically have very high VO2 max values.

As an athlete increases his or her exercise intensity oxygen consumption rises.  This continues to a specific point where it plateaus.  This plateau is the VO2 Max and is a point where it becomes painful for the athlete to continue and isn’t long before muscle fatigue forces the individual to stop.

This test has become a valuable indicator of how far a person can push him or herself before the body says, “No more!”

Research has shown that athletes, through intense and lengthy training can increase their VO2 max, however elite athletes find it difficult to gain more than a 1 or 2 percent increase through this type of training due to the fact that they are already in peak condition.  At this point genetics may play a greater role in determining who crosses the finish line first or second.  Athletes have even resorted to using performance enhancing drugs to gain that edge, but such methods result in only minimal gains still of 2 to 4 percent.

It was this test that shined a bright light on ASEA™, which did a pilot study with 17 athletes to determine the effect of supplementation with ASEA™ on athletic performance.  The test results were beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. The study’s concluded that ingestion of the test supplement, ASEA™, for 7-10 days prior to and immediately before a VO2max test, was shown to significantly increase the time it took for participants to reach VO2max under equivalent carefully regulated power ramp-up conditions. Time to VT likewise was significantly extended on average by 10%.

Ten percent!  That kind of increase is what helped Jonathan Hollar, Ironman triathlete, who added ASEA to his training regimen before a major Olympic duathlon race blow away his previous time. “The last time I completed an Olympic duathlon my finish time was 2:55:00. This time it was 2:08:55! I came in second place overall. In previous races [prior to using ASEA™] I never broke the top 100!

Athletes everywhere are getting these kinds of performance increases, with a product that has been thoroughly tested and found free of banned substances. What could ASEA do for you?

White Paper on Athletic Performance and VO2max Test
Report on VO2max Test for ASEA™ July 2009

More Information on VO2Max Testing

The Cycling World is getting turned on to ASEA.

The dominoes are beginning to fall as the word about Asea and what it is doing for athletes spreads.  The cycling world seems to have taken the lead in adopting this product.  Cyclists at all competitive levels are seeing dramatic increases in their endurance, performance, recovery, and most importantly their race times!

Richard Cunningham, Technical Editor for Road Bike Action Magazine recently agreed to conduct his own independent, unpaid review of ASEA with the conditions that if his results were not favorable he would publish those results. The independent ASEA associate who asked Richard to try it out didn’t flinch. If you are a subscriber to Road Bike Action Magazine your copy of Richard’s review is in the current issue. Please head over to your nearest news stand and get a copy of the July issue of Road Bike Action Magazine and patronize them for the full article.   Or click Road Bike Action July 2010 to download the article.

Here are some excerpts:

“So, the ASEA folks spent some bucks for some independent tests on endurance athletes and discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing this stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder and longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals. The word “recovery” is the operate in the ASEA equation”

“Initially, people drink 6 ounces and wait for some chemical “kick,” like how a super-caffeinated coke hits you when you are on the ropes. Instead, ASEA quietly powers up the muscles, dramatically reducing recovery time after over-the-top efforts, and it enables you to push precariously close to the anaerobic threshold for prolonged periods of time. Typically, a cyclist can recover from three, perhaps four all-out efforts over the course of an event. Any more than that, and the athlete’s overall performance will be cut short and every subsequent effort will be painful. Typically, ASEA users can go hard over and over again and count on a full recovery within a few minutes. In addition, it is possible to push harder on the pedals for extended periods without going anaerobic. Most climbs can be ridden at least on gear higher, with some users busting out climbs in the next larger chainring.”

“ASEA doesn’t seem to improve your peak strength. If you can’t get over a particular hill in your big chainring today, six gulps of ASEA won’t power you over the mountain tomorrow. You still have to train to get stronger. ASEA will help you maintain your existing strength over a longer period of time. For Instance: if you could push the middle chainring up a 16-percent grade during the first 30 minutes of a ride, two hours later-when most riders would be clicking into the granny gear before a big climb-you could probably repeat that performance”

Another respected and highly regarded online cycling publication recently reviewed Asea for its readers. editor Jonathan Tessler did a similar test and review of Asea with similarly glowing remarks.  You can see the review in its entirety by CLICKING HERE.  Or you can download a transcript here.

It’s important to note these comments are an independent review of well respected magazine and website editors who were not compensated for the tests. We owe a debt of thanks to Mr. Cunningham and the editors of for lending increased credibility to the Asea story and everything we’ve been telling you about on this blog.

If you are an Athlete and you are not paying attention to ASEA you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage when you go up against those who are using this product!

If you are an entrepreneur and you have not been introduced to ASEA as a business opportunity, may we respectfully encourage you to investigate.  The timing could not be better.

Asea is a name you are going to keep hearing about.  Don’t wait until its become common knowledge to look into it.  Do it while its still a relative unknown and be among the first to reap the benefits.

For more information or to contact us CLICK HERE.

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