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Forget the Rumors, We’ll Stick to Facts

I started this blog as a way for people to get information about the advantages ASEA provides to athletes at any level, from elite professionals to weekend warriors.  I send people interested in learning more about ASEA and its benefits to this blog so they can inform themselves and decide if ASEA is something they’d like to try.  I also encourage other ASEA distributors to use it as an informational resource.

Last week I posted some information about a well known athlete in the collegiate ranks that was having a phenomenal year leading his team, conference, and the nation in several statistical categories.   I had heard from a credible source that this athlete was using ASEA.  I thought that was pretty cool and wondered how it was working.

What followed was very surprising and I have to admit a little humorous at first.  ASEA’s offices in Salt Lake City started receiving phone calls from fans upset and worried that the information printed in this blog might somehow have negative consequences for the athlete, his team, and the institution!  At first I thought that was a bit of an overreaction, but then as I thought about it I realized in the crazy world we live in today, where common sense isn’t very common, there is a possibility someone somewhere could pick this up and try to make a big deal out of it.  With the environment surrounding the sports world especially when it comes to any kind of dietary supplementation I thought it best to remove the post.

The last thing I want to be is a catalyst for unnecessary and unwarranted harassment for the athlete, team, or institution.  Not that I’m worried anything would come of it because I know, as does ASEA and every ASEA user, that ASEA does not contain any banned substance, it is not a drug, and the ingredients are distilled water and sodium chloride…not exactly conspiracy worthy material.

So forget I ever mentioned that a top collegiate athlete might be drinking ASEA and improving his/her performance by doing so.

But what if such an athlete is drinking the stuff and why would he/she?

For the same reason any athlete would use an allowable supplement under the rules of his or her sport; to gain an edge.

ASEA has shown consistently in testing and independent studies to improve the ventricular threshold or “runner’s wall” by an average of 12%. To put that in proper perspective, blood doping, a form of performance enhancement that is illegal, has been proven to push that threshold forward by a mere 2 to 4%.   Elite athletes will train vigorously for years to acquire a 2 to 4% increase in VT.  This incredible discovery by ASEA and the implications of these tests for overall athletic performance in all areas of sport is propelling the ASEA drink to the front of public consciousness and the world of sports and athletic competition.

Current and former athletes at the amateur and professional levels are using the product daily for not only its ability to enhance performance on the playing field, but for the significant impact it has on recovery after high levels of physical exertion. Athletes like Sinjin Smith, former USA Olympic Volleyball player and gold medalist, Tim Leary, former starting pitcher for the LA Dodgers and world series winner, Jonathan Hollar (Triathlete), Alli Bills (Division 1 Basketball Coach), Fahu Tahi (Minnesota Vikings), Terry Chiplin (Altitude Athlete) and Chris Hayes (Green Bay Packers – ‘96 Superbowl), and other professional and amateur athletes are finding they can’t go without this product or suffer being at a disadvantage to those who are using it.

ASEA is performance enhancement that is legal, ethical, and healthy.

There’s not another product in the world that can make these claims and back it up with hard science. ASEA can.

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