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ASEA Associate Climbs Everest

Many ASEA Associates look for adventure in life, but perhaps one of the most adventurous is Director Laurie Bagley. Laurie was a member of a top ten world-class adventure racing team for years until she took a break to successfully scale Mt. Everest!

Now Laurie has taken the lessons she learned in preparing for, training for, and successfully conquering the highest mountain in the world and put them in a book:* Summit! One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You to Success.

As Laurie says, “Success is deliberate. My book offers a step-by-step formula designed to help people attain whatever level of success they are looking for in building a business.

Laurie Bagley has been taking ASEA for nearly a year and has experienced amazing results. Her amazing experience climbing Everest is sure to be a motivator for anyone who reads it. Here is a summary of Laurie’s book:

Laurie Bagley has faced and overcome numerous challenges in finding success. In her book, she points out that with every big vision there will also be adversity.

Through attaining her many accomplishments, she learned the importance of managing her time, energy, and resources in working toward her goals. One doesn’t just climb Mount Everest without putting in the effort it takes to make success deliberate rather than coincidental.

The same can be said of building your ASEA business. While “keeping your eye on the prize” is important, Laurie stresses seeing and enjoying the entire process it takes to get there. This inspiring book will help you set and meet your goals, drawing from Laurie’s powerful perspective for actualizing great endeavors.

Laurie says, “ASEA will be a part of my health and wellness program for life. I recover from workouts faster and more fully. And as a fitness coach, I absolutely recommend ASEA to my clients!”

*The AseaPowerSport blog is not compensated in any way from the proceeds of this book.

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