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The 13 Minute Butt Kicking Workout

This workout is for those who don’t have an hour a day to dedicate to exercise but need to slim down and burn calories.

Equinox group fitness manager Angela Leigh gives SELF Magazine—and you!—a sneak preview of moves from her new class.

Angela Leigh

How It Works: Just as in Leigh’s class, Stacked, you’ll stack the moves on these slides for the perfect 13-minute workout.

Wanna zap calories? Do the BURN stack.

Feeling flabby? Focus on the FIRM moves. Or go for broke and do both.

Either way: Start with move 1; rest 30 seconds. Do move 1 again, then add move 2; rest. Next, do moves 1, 2 and 3; rest.

See a pattern? Stack to move 6 and you’re done. Moves get progressively harder, so the last one is supposed to be tough. But you only do that sucker once!

CLICK HERE to get Stacked.

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